About us – Living Room Concerts

Wohnzimmerkonzerte im Indiewohnzimmer e.V.

You love living room concerts?

Are you looking for particularly intense concert experiences with very special artists and a dedicated audience? Then Indiewohnzimmer is the right place for you.

We are a non-profit association and do not pursue any commercial purposes. Since 2012 we have been organizing concerts in a private setting, mostly actually home shows in living rooms, but sometimes elsewhere or even in clubs.

Our goals

  • create an especially intense concert experience for artists and audience
  • pay a decent fee
  • enrich the Stuttgart concert scene with unusual events
  • bring artists to Stuttgart who fall through the cracks of local promoters
  • create events that go beyond typical, small acoustic living room concerts

If you want to be invited to our concerts on a regular basis, the best way is to register for our invitation mailing list.

Or maybe you are a musician looking for a smaller concert venue? Why not play a living room concert? Get in touch with us! Stylistically we are open-minded, from Indiepop and Folk to Punk, Rap, Noiserock, Postpunk, Country, Shoegaze, College Rock and Northern Soul we have played almost everything. From solo artists to seven-piece bands, we’ve hosted it all in our living room. A solid PA is available. Meter-high amps scare us just as little as a real brass section. The only booking criterion: we have to like it.

Our locations

At the moment we can offer a couple of nice big living rooms in Stuttgart, have access to a deep bunker in Stuttgart, know a cool concert garage near Dresden and a living room in Karlsruhe. And if it should get a bit bigger, we are looking for a club or a cooperation with local promoters.

Ideas and helping hands are always very welcome. You just want to drop by one of our living room concerts or want to support our idea in any way? Send us a message and we will get back to you.

These were our previous living room concerts…